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dragon ice sculpture design by Victor Dagatan
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welcome to ice carving secrets!

Are you fascinated with the art of sculpting ice? Does the sight of an intricately detailed ice sculpture at a wedding reception immediately draw your attention? Or have you marveled at how a color logo or unusual design was captured in ice? If so, you've come to the right place. Ice carving secrets is born of the love for and fascination with ice sculptures and how they are made. Please take a look around and please feel free to ask questions and make comments. Many of the pages, including the secrets blog and the photo pages, have comment fields at the bottom.

You likely already noticed, but and are now one and the same, finally!
And, even better, brand new stuff is getting added with increasing frequency. There’s still a bit of work to be done on the site itself, but you can expect that most of the emphasis will go to what matters to you: more new stuff! Here’s some for you:

holiday ice sculpture design ebook from ice carving secrets

holidays: ice sculpture designs from ice carving secrets

Quality ice sculpture designs are one of the main reason that ice carvers visit ice carving secrets and we have ebooks that neatly package new and old ice sculpture designs geared to a specific theme or holiday. The Halloween design ebook was the first to debut, followed by Thanksgiving and Holiday editions. There will be more ebooks coming soon, although dates for their release have not been set. A set of sea life designs are being prepared and there are many other possibilities including New Year's, weddings, and basic ice sculpting versions. In addition to the selection of quality designs, the ebooks also include lots of ice sculpting tool and technique info; future ebooks will include more sections that focus on specific tools and techniques that are useful when applied to the included designs. They'll also include access to ready-to-print templates, which will be an exciting addition!

It used to be that ice sculpting involved only a block of ice, some specialized hand tools, and the skill of the ice sculptor. As the art advances and changes, however, new ideas, tools, and techniques become a part of the enormous body of ice sculpting knowledge. Now, rather than a single box of tools, ice sculptors can put to use an almost dizzying array of ice sculpting tools and equipment to create and display fantastic works of ice art. ice carving secrets makes an attempt to capture as much of that diverse knowledge as possible, distill it, and present it here for you to see and use. Even better, you can add your own perspective, insights, and knowledge by commenting on the blog entries or sending info to ice carving secrets.
mermaid ice sculpture with pink lighting

ice carving secrets
is one of the most extensive resources available for ice sculptors and culinary professionals that occasionally work with ice. Novice ice carvers can find basic techniques and ice sculpture designs here, while advanced carvers will find intermediate level and advanced designs as well. ice carving secrets also covers the tools of the trade; look for even more coverage of ice sculpting tools in the near future as the new version of ice carving secrets is improved and expanded to meet the ice sculpting needs of carvers, chefs, teachers, wedding planners, and special events designers.

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