stiletto high heel shoe (luge also)

It’s tough to see, but a bottle of Stiletto Vodka was placed in the sculpture above, which was a nice way to show off the vodka (but obviously not from this angle).

*updated 7/26/14

The design was used, appropriately, for the launch of Stiletto Vodka at one of Emeril’s restaurants in New Orleans. It’s similar to the slipper design introduced earlier, but the assembly process is different. In addition, the design above features detailing added with a Brice bubble bit, which, although simple to use, creates a highly detailed surface.

the stiletto heel design, complete with beaded details


When the sculpture is assembled, aluminum should be used to weld the toe of the shoe on because the weld should be as clean and as invisible as possible. The toe piece in the template above is the reverse of the actual, because it fits into the block more easily that way.

I will also post, as soon as possible, a simpler version of this design that requires no welding. Also, I’ll post an ice luge version along with pics. This has turned out to be a very popular design, so I have lots of photos that I can add later.

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