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I harbor no illusions that this entry will be particularly helpful this year; I’m posting this far too late in the holiday season. However, if you come to the site regularly, you should already know where all the designs are listed, so this post is not absolutely necessary. But I wanted to list all the designs in one entry. And then, each year, I can go back and update the entry and talk about any new additions to the holiday designs. (I’m planning a similar approach for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.) There are tons of possibilities for holiday designs; I've only just scratched the surface with what I have on the site now. I'd love to add more Hanukkah designs, many more reindeer designs, more variations on Santa Claus, and lots more. The season is rich with ice sculpture design possibilities. I'd be surprised if I had trouble coming up with more than 100 different designs. Getting them all on the website, on the other hand, is a completely different story, especially in the midst of all the holiday sculpting that I have to do myself. I had plans to add at least three new designs this year, but I found out that that just wasn’t going to happen this time around. Next time, I suspect that I’ll have to start working on Christmas sometime in July to make sure that I can get it done.

One little bonus addition this time around is the Santa Claus face design that you see in the banner. I've been wanting to do a design like this for a while and I think a recent sculpture by Chris Swarbrick reminded me. You'll see the new design and template at the bottom of the post.

the ebook

Incidentally, all these designs (except for the logo snowman and the Santa face) are in the holiday ebook that you can buy. There are also other designs in the ebook that you won’t find on the site as well as carving techniques and info. And if you like ice carving secrets and think it helps you with your ice sculpting, buying the ebooks helps to ensure that I’ll be able to keep adding new content to the site!

cover of the holiday ice sculpture design ebook

freestanding menorah

Hanukkah matches up with Christmas pretty well this year (12/16-12/24), but we’re already in the midst of it. This is a two block menorah design.

freestanding menorah ice sculpture design


Similar to the larger version above, this single block menorah design is a little less ambitious, but still a very nice piece.

menorah ice sculpture design


I have plans for more angel designs later on down the road, but this design has a wonderful silhouette.

angel ice sculpture design


You can substitute frozen packed snow for the melted wax with this candle design, which adds visual interest.

candle ice sculpture design

Christmas stocking

I might update this design a little in the future; I have an idea on how to make it better, but that will have to wait for now.

Christmas stocking ice sculpture design

for elftinis (elf luge)

This dancing elf with shades doubles as a martini luge.

elftini ice luge design

Frosty the ice luge

The hat brings Frosty to life and the ice luge brings the party to life!

Frosty the ice luge design

reindeer on a wreath

If a tiny reindeer can fly, I suppose it can stand atop a Christmas wreath like we see in this design.

reindeer and wreath ice sculpture design

flying reindeer

Here’s a more ambitious flying reindeer with a no-nonsense expression that requires 2 blocks of ice.

flying reindeer ice sculpture design

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Give Rudolph a real red nose with this fun design.

Rudolph ice sculpture design

Santa Claus (waving)

Carving people from ice is usually pretty difficult. Santa, on the other hand, is one of the easiest people to carve. Maybe it’s because he’s an elf.

Santa Claus ice sculpture design

basic snowflake

Imagine if all snowflakes were as big as the one in this design (about 35” in diameter). Every snowfall would be a major natural disaster!

basic snowflake ice sculpture design

snowflake for logo

This design hides the welding in the detailed arms of the snowflake, leaving the logo weld-free.

snowflake for logo ice sculpture

snowman for logo

This design is one of the newest on the site and offers lots of possible variations.

snowman ice sculpture design with Happy Holidays

swirling snowflakes 1

This design features five different snowflakes, swirling in the wind.

swirling snowflakes ice sculpture design

swirling snowflakes 2

This design goes one further, with six different snowflake designs. However, some are repeats from the other swirling snowflake design.

swirling snowflakes 2 ice sculpture design

winter martini glass luge

Here’s a wintry variation on the standard martini glass luge.

winter martini ice luge design

Santa Claus face

This is a brand new design. It’s so new, that I haven’t even tried to carve it yet. If it turns out well, I’ll add a photo and probably give it its own entry.

Santa Claus face ice sculpture design

In case you want to try it, here’s a template. It needs a stable base.

Santa Claus face ice sculpture template

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