Cat in the Hat ice sculpting sequence

the Cat in the Hat, engraved in color and in ice

cool cat

Surely you’ve seen this Cat before. And if you subscribe to the ice carving secrets newsletter, you may have already seen him at his coolest, as it’s been part of a “secret” section of the website since the last newsletter went out. But if you don’t subscribe yet, or if you didn’t take a look before, here it is again for everyone to take a look. Want to skip the pleasantries/background info and go straight to the sequence? Well, then here you go.This was one of the more difficult pieces that I've done lately: a 3 color colorfill engraved Cat in the Hat, all hand-sculpted. And the sequence details its creation, raw ice to finished sculpture.

definitely an interesting project

This was one of my fun projects, or one of those projects that I get psyched and excited about. I may have never considered sculpting what the client asks for, but I know a fun project when I see it. It's one that I want to do as right as I possibly can and to get lots of pictures while I'm at it. In this case, I took pictures all the way through, partly because I was doing something I hadn't done before and also because I'd come up with what I though were interesting ways to approach the problems I was facing.

I'll be honest. The Cat in the Hat sculpture took a long time. Quite a bit longer than I thought it would, in fact. And it wasn't all fun. A lot of it was tedious. But when I started to see what it was going to look like, that I'd managed to depict an icon from my childhood in my favorite medium...well, it started to feel a lot less like work.

Naturally, I was curious why I'd been asked to carve Dr. Seuss-type ice for an event in New Orleans. Turns out that it was for a group of meeting planners or something like that. The plan was to evoke images from childhood; another ice-free display featured Peter Pan. I was a little disappointed, I'll confess. There's an awesome (and small) Dr. Seuss gallery/museum in New Orleans' French Quarter and I was hoping it was somehow associated with that. But maybe there was a tie in somehow. All I know is that that gallery has a fantastic chainsaw-looking fish sculpture that I'd love to own. Maybe they'd trade for some ice sculpting...

So enough enough blabbing; let's get to the sequence!

P.S. I wrote a reminder to myself earlier to mention some other Dr. Seuss meets ice sculpting section on the website: the Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Gaylord Opryland ICE! display that I got to see a while back. There are links to both parts of the gallery below too.

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