holiday ice sculpture designs

holiday designs banner

All the holiday ice sculpture designs on the site, all in one place.the whole entry...

10 best movie ice sculptures (real and fake), part one

best movie ice sculptures banner

Ice sculptures are nothing if not eye-catching, and when I watch a movie, I immediately notice if an ice sculpture shows up in a scene. So I’ve ranked the best examples of ice sculptures in movies, and I didn’t keep a movie off the list if the ice was fake. Check out part one of my list and see if you agree!the whole entry...

10 best movie ice sculptures (real and fake), part two

best movie ice sculpture montage

The second part of my “best movie ice sculptures” list has saved what I think is the best for last. Do you agree with my picks?the whole entry...

Thanksgiving ice sculpture designs

Thanksgiving ice sculpture designs banner

Carve turkeys, cornucopias, Mayflowers and more this Thanksgiving. Here are all the designs in one place.the whole entry...

what it's like to be an ice sculptor, part one

what it's like to be an ice sculptor photo montage

This is kind of a random assortment of anecdotes and points of view on what it’s like to work as an ice sculptor for what’s now been quite some time. There is also a part 2 to this entry, so don’t miss that.the whole entry...

what it's like to be an ice sculptor, part two

what it's like to be an ice sculptor photo montage

Part 2 of the “what it’s like to be an ice sculptor” entry. Check out part 1 first, if you haven’t already.the whole entry...


montage of the pagoda ice sculpture design

A towering pagoda design that you might find useful.the whole entry...

logo snowman

various snowman ice sculpture designs

Mainly, this entry is about the snowman with a logo or message design, but it touches on the many ways to carve a snowman from ice. So many options…the whole entry...

dragon design from Victor Dagatan

dragon ice sculpture design by Victor Dagatan

Victor Dagatan carved a fantastic 2 block dragon for a live demo in just 2 hours a while back. Here’s how he did it. (Well, all except for the crazy amount of talent, impressive ice sculpting efficiency, and wide selection of ice tools…that’s not in the entry. But a lot of other stuff is.)the whole entry...

Bonefish Grill ice glasses and more

ice glassware at Bonefish Grill; a Cold Snap Cosmo and a Cold Snap Cocktail

Ice glassware is starting to show up here and there. I got to try out one national chain’s version on a couple of different visits.the whole entry...

leaping salmon

spawning male salmon ice carving design

Here’s a dynamic sculpture design depicting a leaping salmon making the arduous trek to return to his spawning grounds. The dynamic pose requires a bit of careful carving and welding so that it won’t tip over.

Requires 1 standard block, 1 weld, and an intermediate carving level.the whole entry...

pumpkin sculpting masters!

a montage of sculpted pumpkins

Jack-o-lanterns, schmack-o-lanterns. They’re the old way. The new way is the full-blown sculptured art pumpkin. Master pumpkin sculptors Ray Villafane, Sue Beatrice, and Andy Gertler show us the way to amazing pumpkin artworks!the whole entry...

goblin design from Ron Meyn

preview for Ron Meyn's goblin ice sculpture design entry

What better time for a scary ice sculpture design than the scariest time of the year? Ron Meyn was kind enough to send along this appropriately hideous goblin design along with several photos of the sculpture in various stages. Thanks Ron!the whole entry...

Cat in the Hat ice sculpting sequence

Cat in the Hat color engraved ice sculpture in the freezer

Creating a three color engraving by hand can be complicated and time consuming. And everybody knows what the Cat in the Hat looks like, so there’s little room for error. I’ve added a sculpting sequence that details the process, start to finish, raw ice blocks to full Seussian.the whole entry...

simple sailfish

sailfish ice carving design

A classic ice sculpture design gets a slight makeover. Find out more about these fantastic fish and learn a trick or two for sculpting them effectively with this relatively simple, no weld design.the whole entry...

Halloween designs and ebook

Halloween ice scuptures designs and ebook photo montage

Here are the sorts of spooky ice sculpture designs available to use on ice carving secrets right now!the whole entry...

beyond punch bowl beverage dispensers

a punch bowl beverage dispenser made from ice

Ice punch bowl beverage dispensers are cool, but there are ways to make them MUCH cooler!the whole entry...

jobstr Q&A with "Dr. Ice"

frosty ice sculptor Dawson List

As “Dr. Ice,” I host an ice sculptor Q&A thread on Jobstr, which is a site all about peoples’ jobs. Anyone can ask just about anything they want to people with all kinds of different jobs.the whole entry...

"have an ice day" t-shirts

bundled up smiley face with

New ice t-shirt designs based on the classic smiley facethe whole entry...

boring ice video

This is perhaps the most boring video on ice sculpting that I’ve ever seen.

Oh, wait. That could be misinterpreted...the whole entry...

how to make an ice sculpture commercial without hiring an ice sculptor

Sneaky, sneaky. But, ok. Whatever.the whole entry...

ice demo destruction video

smashing an ice sculpture with a sledgehammer after a demonstration

What happens when an ice sculpture goes up against a sledgehammer? Do you really need to know the answer? It’s still fun to watch though!the whole entry...

near complete ice block meltdown

melted ice blocks

Finding out what happens when your freezer goes down so you don’t have to!the whole entry...

butane sources

Bernzomatic butane can

Butane is good news/bad news stuff. Good news: freezes stuff together, quickly and cheaply. Bad news: REALLY flammable.the whole entry...

World's Tallest Ice Luge: story of the record-breaking Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider bottle ice luge at Boston's Seaport WTC

The ice team that created the world's tallest ice luge, a bottle of Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider
The world record for the world’s tallest ice luge has been broken! The new record is 25 feet and these guys (we, actually) did it with a giant ice bottle of Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider!the whole entry...
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