sculpting the University of Alabama's "A" in ice

a red-lit ice sculpture of the University of Alabama
an ice version of the University of Alabama’s script A logo, crimson lit
This sculpture was done for a wedding near Panama City Beach, FL. Either the bride or the groom (or both) had attended the University of Alabama. Much as the groom’s cake for young couples is often related to his alma mater, some ice sculptures seem to be following the same trend. The design for this carving is part of my design collection and is available here.

a raw ClearBLOCK, scored before a 4.5 inch thick slab is removed

the slab that will be used for the sculpture

a dremel fitted with an ice needle is used to transfer the design to the ice

the slab with the design template applied

after the design has been transfered, part of the template is removed (this carving was done in a very cold freezer, so the template comes off rather easily)

the tail of the A has been cut free and now the fit is checked (note that extra ice has been left at the bottom of the tail)

welding the tail on

flattening the weld surfaces prior to welding

cutting the bottom straight and flat and readying the base for attachment (the base was cut from a separate piece of ice)

the sculpture after the base has been attached (note the aluminum, water, and syringe that were used to attach the base)

the edges of the sculpture have now been smoothed with a bullet burr, which explains the snow all over the place

the outline of the sculpture, roughcut with a chainsaw

the outline of the A is engraved to a uniform depth of a little over an inch with the dremel and ice needle

the A is rough chiseled out

the sculpture lying flat, ready to be snowfilled

after the A is chiseled out to a uniform depth, the rough chiseled area is cleaned up

The piece has been snowfilled with fine “snow” generated by power tools. Cold water is poured into the snow, a little at a time, so that the snow freezes up and will last longer

the snowfilled piece, after freezing: It was overpacked some, so that the white portion will be slightly raised after the excess snow is removed from the clear ice border.

the sculpture in place at the reception, complete with mini versions of Alabama’s elephant mascot, Big Al

the finished sculpture, after excess snow has been removed

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