ice sculptures by Jeff Stahl

Jeff Stahl sculpts an ice horse head
Carving Pegasus at 2007 Hunter Ice Festival. (Photo by Janet Crouch)
Jeff Stahl of Cincinnati, OH is a recent National Champion (2007) and also World Champion as part of a team that took first place in 2008 in the Realistic Multi-block portion of the World IceArt Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. Jeff has been very active and successful at carving competitions and in the ice carving industry as a whole over the years. Some time back, Jeff was able to sell his ice sculpture business Artic Diamond, Inc, that he ran with his wife Michelle. His newer company, Sculptured Elements, is based in Central Illinois, although ice sculpting now takes a back seat to running a successful restaurant with his wife.

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Jeff Stahl sculpts the fish that swallowed Jonah in Alaska

Jeff working on the fish that goes after “Jonah” at the 2008 Ice Art Championships

a pegsasus ice sculpture by Jeff Stahl in Niles, Michigan

Pegasus at 2007 Hunter Ice Fesitval in Niles, Michigan. Photo by Janet Crouch

part of a much larger “Guardian Angel of Mischief” ice sculpture in Alaska

part of “Guardian Angel of Mischief,” from the 2009 World Championships. with H. Brice, S. Cox, and K. Gregory. Photo courtesy of H. Brice

an ice bar with bowling balls and pins

Bowling Bar

Lion of Judah ice sculpture

“Lion of Judah” (the magenta color is from lighting gels)

"The Polar Express" ice sculpture in Omaha, NE

“The Polar Express” large multi-block display from 2006 in Omaha, NE. Photo by Steve Adams

Patron Tequila ice bar

Patron Tequila bar

"Elijah" was a huge ice sculpture at the 2007 World Ice Art Championships in Alaska

“Elijah”; 2nd place Realistic Multi-block; 2007 Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. J. Stahl, D. Rebholz, L. Manzoni, & J. Bleier.

ice sculpture of a bartender and old-timer at a bar

Characters at the bar, carved with Steve Cox at Ashland University, Ashland, OH

“Strengthen Me Just Once More” ice sculpture at the 2005 WIAC

“Strengthen Me Just Once More”; 3rd place Realistic Multi-block; 2005 Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. J. Stahl, S. Cox, C. Kitburi, & J.R. Lorentz.

the winning abstract Pegasus ice sculpture at the National Championships

1st Place, 2007 National Championships, Downers Grove, IL

Jeff Stahl works on an abstract Pegasus ice sculpture at the National Championships

Working on an abstract Pegasus at the 2007 National Championships

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