ice bubble wall at IceSpace
a neat bubble wall at IceSpace
Back in May of 2006, there was a large temporary ice lounge in a refrigerated tent set up near the Tower Bridge in London. It was supposed to be open for 8 weeks, but it only made it through 3 weeks; not because it melted in the summer heat, but because it wasn’t paying its way. I happened to be in London when it was supposed to be open. Alas, I was too late!

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snow queen at IceSpace in London

snow queen

the ice bar in IceSpace

ice bar

an abstract ice shape with a frozen flower

abstract shape and flower

Despite the early close, IceSpace looked to be a pretty cool place, with modern art-style ice pieces, an impressive bar, and a variety of live performances. Thanks to Adam-lee Sara for the use of his photos! The images above and below are © 2006 Adam-lee Sara. His gallery (with even more photos) is here.

ice tables and a sectional ice "couch" in IceSpace

lounge couches

blue lit bubble ice wall in IceSpace

bubble wall

an abstract ice wall in IceSpace

ice wall

fix this

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