ICEBAR Orlando (from 2009)

hanging out with a stuffed bear at ICEBAR
The ICEBAR bear’s not sure if this guy is his type...
Right along International Dr., near the massive Orange County Convention Center, you’ll find an ice bar just across a side street from the building that looks as if it’s been flipped upside-down. For more info, here’s the website for the club. I've been fortunate enough to do work in ICEBAR Orlando since these photos were taken (but nothing in these pictures.)

Here's the secrets blog entry that introduces this gallery.
the original polar bear and the ICEBAR Orlando logo engraved into the ice wall

one of several machined logos integrated into the ice walls

getting a drink at ICEBAR

There’s not much of a drink selection, but Grey Goose is a good start. Notice the not-ice bar surface.

original bar at ICEBAR Orlando

Here’s the bar at the ICEBAR.

trying to get the ice bear to take a drink at ICEBAR

Yes, alcohol helps people do silly things and pose for silly pictures.

an ice sphere with center detail at ICEBAR

one of several smaller sculptures under plastic cases

wide shot of ICEBAR

A wide-shot of the bar; notice the throne/chair on the left.

Drinks and admission aren’t cheap, but few things in Orlando are anyway. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. As of 2014, the bar is still in operation (and looks different inside too). That's pretty amazing when you look at the history of ice bars and other ice buildings. Incidentally, the ice bar is only part of ICEBAR Orlando. There’s a regular, room-temp bar too, called the Fire Lounge. And that's where the bathrooms and stuff are, in case you were wondering.
the original oldman winter fireplace at ICEBAR

the scary-face ice “fireplace”
(It’s not easy getting a photo of this piece with its light background.)

getting in a quick nap at ICEBAR

What do you think this is, an ice hotel?!

refrigeration hidden in the ceiling at ICEBAR Orlando

As you can see, some of the refrigeration equipment is hidden in the ceiling.

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