Ice Lounge Cape Town

an ice portrait of Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela
an ice portrait of Nelson Mandela
In late 2006, an ice lounge was set up in Cape Town, South Africa. It was apparently designed from the start to be a short term installation, unlike some other ice places. Pierre van Eck visited in January 2007 and generously gave permission to use his photos on ice carving secrets. Pierre retains copyright to the photos below. His gallery (with a couple more ice photos) is here. Thanks Pierre!
the ice bar at Ice Lounge Cape Town

the bar

patron enjoying Ice Lounge Cape Town

enjoying the lounge

multi-color ice portrait of the late Nelson Mandela at  Ice Lounge Cape Town

Nelson Mandela portrait

an ice tower topped with an ice sphere at  Ice Lounge Cape Town

tower with sphere

 Ice Lounge Cape Town was very colorful compared to most ice places.

multi-colored lounge

ice curtain at  Ice Lounge Cape Town

beaded curtain

pink lit ice portrait of Nelson Mandela at  Ice Lounge Cape Town

another view of the Mandela portrait

cold lounge seating at  Ice Lounge Cape Town

comfortable seating?

*UPDATE 11/5/08* Julian Bayley of Iceculture contributed some more photos, some of which have been added to the gallery, starting with the beaded curtain. These photos were taken by Greg Lumley on behalf of the event. Iceculture was responsible for creating most of the ice for this lounge. Thanks to Julian for the use of the photos!
done with an ice glass in  Ice Lounge Cape Town

a glass that has served its purpose

pink lit ice towers topped with ice spheres

pink pillars

Patrons enjoy  Ice Lounge Cape Town with an angel ice sculpture in the foreground.

patrons enjoying the lounge
(The back of an angel sculpture is in the foreground.)

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