ice sculptures by Steve and Heather Brice

Heather and Steve Brice with an ice orb and an ice chandelier
Heather and Steve Brice sit amongst some of their icy creations.
Naturally, Alaska has more than its share of fantastic ice sculptors. Fairbanks sculptors Steve and Heather Brice are among the very best in the world. They are routinely on the awards podium at the World Ice Art Championships and have won multiple world championships both together and on their own teams. Steve is also a major innovator of ice sculpting tools and sculptors around the world use his tools to create their own icy masterpieces.
Heather Brice sits underneath a huge lionfish in the ice sculpture "Saltwater Safari"

"Saltwater Safari"; 1st place Realistic Multi-block, 2010 IceArt Championships. By S. Brice, H. Brice, A. Costic, and J. Meyers

one of the delicately sculpted ice fish in "Friend or Foe"

Detail of a fish from “Friend or Foe”, 1st place Realistic Multi-block 2003 IceArt Championships. By Steve Brice, Joan Brice, Heather Brice & Tajana Raukar

"Time for Tea" ice sculpture in Alaska

“Time for Tea”; 3rd place Realistic Multi-block; 2006 IceArt Championships. By S. Brice, A. Costic, H. Brice, & J. Brice.

Heather Brice sits before her ice sculpture "Blue Ring Octopus"

Heather Brice in front of "Blue Ring Octopus"; 1st place Realistic single block, 2010 IceArt Championships. By J. Nakamura & H. Brice

an ice sculpture by Heather Brice titled "Last Minute Juggle"

“Last Minute Juggle” by Heather Brice, 1st place at Christmas in Ice 2008

Heather and Steve Brice at the Aurora Ice Museum

Steve and Heather Brice at the Aurora Ice Museum.
Photo by P. Endres

a Christmas ice sculpture titled "Herald Angel" by Steve Brice

“Herald Angel” by Steve Brice, 2nd place at Christmas in Ice 2008

a massive ice sculpture titled "The Joust"

"The Joust"; 2nd place Realistic Multi-block, 1996 IceArt Championships. By K. Roscoe, S. Brice and C. Cheledina

Steve and Heather are also responsible for the ice art at the Aurora Ice Museum, a unique ice structure at Chena Hot Springs that is open year-round, even through the hot Alaskan summer months. You will also see another Brice credited in some of the photos in the gallery, Joan Brice, who is Steve’s aunt, and a world class ice sculptor in her own right. More of Steve and Heather’s work can be seen at
"Levitation" by the Brices in Lake Louise

“Levitation,” at Ice Magic, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Steve Brice uses an ice lathe

Steve operates his innovative ice lathe at the Aurora Ice Museum.
Photo by P. Endres

closeup view of ice knights jousting at the Aurora Ice Museum

Detail from the jousting knights at the Aurora Ice Museum

detail from the huge ice sculpture "Limelight"

Detail from “Limelight”
1998 1st place. By S. Brice, A. Costic, C. Eady, & J. Brice

"King of the Jungle" ice sculpture

“King of the Jungle”; 2nd place Realistic Multi-block; 2002 IceArt Championships. J. Nakamura, S. Sawamura, A. Costic, & S. Brice.

closeup view of the "Time for tea" ice sculpture

Detail of "Time for Tea"; By S. Brice, A. Costic, H. Brice, & J. Brice.

"A Little Help" ice sculpture by the Brices

“A Little Help”; 2nd place Realistic Single block; 2007 IceArt Championships. By Steve Brice & Heather Brice

a closeup view of the ice mice from "A Little Help"

Detail of “A Little Help”; 2007 IceArt Championships.

the ice bar at the original Aurora Ice Hotel

The bar from the Aurora Ice Hotel back in 2004

the huge ice tiger in "A Rabbit

“A Rabbit’s View”; 3rd place Realistic Multi-block; 2004 IceArt Championships. By S. Brice, H. Brice, T. Raukar, & M. King. Photo by P. Endres

a view of the Aurora Ice Hotel

The Aurora Ice Hotel from 2004

an ice bust by Steve Brice

An ice bust, by Steve Brice

Many of the photos in this gallery were taken by Patrick Endres. All of Patrick Endres’ photos are available for license or purchase as fine art prints in a variety of sizes at All of his images on this site are used with permission and may not be reproduced without additional permission. Many of the photos above were taken at the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. Additional information about the sculptures and the competition is available at The blog entry that introduced this gallery is here.
"Allure" ice sculpture by Heather and Joan Brice

“Allure,” by Heather Brice and Joan Brice.
Photo by P. Endres

view through an arch at the Aurora Ice Museum

View of an arch at the Aurora Ice Museum.
Photo by P. Endres

going for a ride on an ice tiger!

Going for a ride on a tiger!
Photo by P. Endres

"The Moment of Truth" ice sculpture

“The Moment of Truth,” 1st place; 1997 IceArt Championships/Olympic Trials. By S. Brice & K. Roscoe

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