American eagle ice sculpture

Dawson List attaches a wing to an American eagle ice sculpture.
adding a wing as the eagle ice sculpture nears completion
I carved an American eagle for a July 4th event at a Biloxi casino. Here are a few photos of the carving process. This sequence or parts of this sequence have appeared on my sculpting company website,, on another site and in the Sculpture Reference Illustrated, by Arthur Williams, which apparently now has very limited availability.

design and template

uncut Clinebell block

cutting straight lines with a chainsaw

template application

detailing with a die grinder

removing template and smoothing with an iron

fine detailing with a Dremel

chiseling out details to be snowfilled

Missing from the sequence is the addition of color to the sculpture, which is accomplished by freezing pieces of colored acetate behind a shield of ice. Notice also the weld line in the wing on the right side, necessary because I dropped the wing while I was carving it. The design for this carving is part of my design collection and is available here.

Also, thanks to Robert Horan, who took the pics while I carved.

attaching the wings

finishing touches

finished sculpture

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