2009 Magnificent Seven, Houston, TX

Ben Rand inspects his ice work
Ben Rand inspects his ice work, "Up in the Heavens."
The Magnificent Seven was an invitational ice carving competition put on by DLG Ice Factory in Houston on 1/10/09. It featured seven carvers (Rich Bubin, Buddy Rasmussen, Ben Rand, Dan Rebholz, Robert Childers, Vegas Iceman, and Dawson List (me)), seven blocks of ice per carver (about 7 tons total) and seven hours of carving time. Rich Bubin won the judges choice competition while Dawson List won the people’s choice award.

Rich Bubin carves “Marlin & Me”

Bubin’s finished “Marlin & Me”

Buddy’s piece lit with multiple colored lights but somewhat melted

Buddy Rasmussen’s crucifixion sculpture (along with a small Joe Cool Snoopy sculpture out of wood to the left)

Dan Rebholz adds horns to his bullrider sculpture

the finished bullrider sculpture, holding up well a couple hours after the event

a design breakdown for “Up in the Heavens”

Ben Rand inspects his work on “Up in the Heavens”

“Up in the Heavens” finished but somewhat melted

the party continues after the competition with music and an ice carving performance by Reverend Butter

Joe Cool by Dawson List; one of several sculptures requested by the audience. Buddy Rasmussen even had a wood model to work from!

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