2009 World Championships in Fairbanks (single block)

"Evolution" by Tuvshintur Rashaanjav & Batmunkh Tserendash, 7th place
Here are just a few photos from the single block event at the 2009 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. More info about this event is available on Ice Alaska’s website at www.icealaska.com.

"Danger, Danger, Danger" by Stanley Kolonko & Chris Uyehara

"Adam & Eve: One Heart for Two" by Vitaly Lednev & Sergey Loginov, 2nd place abstract

"Leafy Lunch" by Greg Butauski & Jeff Petercsak, 2nd place realistic

"beautiful chemistry" by Dawson List and David Fong, 6th place; taken just before judging

"Finders Keepers" by Heather Brice and Aaric Kendall

"Invitation" by Di An & Qi Feng An, 3rd place realistic, Artists' choice

"Surfacing Kingfisher" by Junichi Nakamura and Suguru Kanbayashi, 1st place realistic

"Wild Ride" by Chan Kitburi & Dean Murray, 5th place

"Eternal Flame" by Steve Armance & David Vallet, 4th place

"Moonlight Sonata" by Sergey Tselebrovsky & Andy Gertler, 3rd place abstract

Dawson List and "beautiful chemistry" by Dawson List and David Fong, 6th place

"Tranquility" by Kevin McDonald & Kla Kitburi

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