2008 Zermatt mini-Masters event, Park City, Utah

Dan Rebholz rides his ice chopper
Dan Rebholz tries to carve his way outta here!
The Zermatt Mini-Masters competition was an invitational carving event held in February of 2008 at the Zermatt resort in Park City, Utah. It was called the Mini-Masters competition because it was scaled down from an originally planned larger event. The competitors were Aaron Costic, Ben Rand, Dan Rebholz, and Dawson List (author of this site). The competition consisted of a series of speed carving events that pitted one competitor against another to arrive at a final champion. The judging was done by the spectators, which made for some interesting results and even more interesting tactics.

Dan Rebholz gives his two block seahorse sculpture a quick bath (2 block sculpture, 1 hour carving time)

Dan and his literally cool seahorse

Ben Rand, working on his archer sculpture. Carved from 2 ice blocks in one hour.

“Crash or Burn” by Dawson List; two ice blocks, one hour to carve. (close to 80" high and 50"+ wide)

Aaron’s spider and web, carved from two ice blocks in one hour.

Ben Rand works on a Jackalope (rabbit + antelope). Ben had 2 hours and four blocks for this ice sculpture.

Peter Jackalope by Ben Rand

Aaron’s flying fish piece; four blocks, two hours

Dawson carves a nice, playful T. Rex out of four ice blocks in two hours.

Aaron’s dynamic trumpeting figure carved in one hour.

Spongebob Squarepants, by Dan Rebholz (audience request)

Ben Rand’s abstract piece

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