2007 Gaylord Texan ICE!

The ICE! sign at the Texan even has longhorns.
A very Texan ICE! sign greet visitors.
Like the Gaylord Palms and the Gaylord Opryland, the Gaylord Texan puts on a holiday ice display each year. The sculptures are created by carvers from Harbin, China and feature lots of colored ice. These photos are from December 2007.

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Texan Longhorn ICE!: This sign greets visitors as they enter the display. The small 2007 sign is paper, but the rest is ice.

Poinsettia: Twin poinsettias flank the igloo entryway to the main display.

Texan Welcome: Inside the igloo is a welcome sign incorporating Texan icons.

ICE! Igloo: An ICE! sign tops the entrance to the igloo.

Deer: A winter wonderland scene includes a variety of finely carved animals.

Blue Elf: An elf carved from blue ice is part of a toyland scene.

Playful penguin: A number of playful penguins decorated a large room complete with long ice slides for both kids and adults.

Snowflake arch: Rope lighting is integrated into the arch.

This display was similar to the display at the Gaylord Palms for 2007, but some of the sculptures featured a Texan touch and there was a Toyland scene that was not at the Palms.

Exit Penguin: The cartoon-style penguins sometimes hold signs for visitors.

Wiseman detail: Many of the carvings show world class quality, especially in the Nativity scene.

Wiseman: An elaborately carved Wiseman hold a gift for baby Jesus in the Nativity scene.

Large Angel: The displays typically have a large angel sculpture near the Nativity scene. The girl in front gives an idea as to the angel’s size.

Happy Holidays: A big part of the Gaylord displays is the holiday celebration and these penguins deliver the message.

North Pole penguin: Somehow, this penguin got himself to the wrong pole.

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