2007 Gaylord Opryland ICE! (part 2)

an ice sculpture display depicting the Grinch sharing a Christmas feast with the Whos
The Grinch has found kindness and shares a feast with the Whos.
This year (2007-2008), the Gaylord Opryland ICE! display tells Dr. Seuss’ story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” These photos were taken a couple of days before the end of the display for the year. This is the second part of the gallery, so don’t miss Part One.

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Ice tunnel: An icicle tunnel leads visitors from the Slide Room to the next.

Change of Heart: The Grinch has found the Spirit of Christmas and stands above the Whos with Max.

Who Circle: Above the circle is a rotating light shaped like a starburst.

Who Circle: Whos stand holding hands in a circle.

Who Circle: The Grinch and Max stand above the Whos looking on.

Who Circle: Despite their thin legs, the Whos stand, supported by columns of clear ice.

Max: Even Max is dressed for Christmas after the Grinch’s transformation.

Who Circle: The whole scene is impressive as the light slowly rotates above the Whos.

In this part of the gallery, the Grinch learns about the spirit of Christmas and his cold heart melts. In addition, there are photos of the elaborate Nativity scene that is featured at all the Gaylord events. There’s also a “behind the scenes” shot of the sculptures being covered for the night, as well as a YouTube video related to the display.

Cindy Lou Who: A happy Cindy Lou Who stands with a candy cane after the Grinch’s transformation.

The Feast: Whos sit awaiting the Christmas feast.

Lots of Props: The scene in the Feast room makes use of lots of elaborate Seuss-style props.

Feast table: There’s lots to see with lots of Whos sitting at the long table.

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Hungry Who: Knives and forks are raised, waiting for the first course.

Long table: A look down the length of the table.

The Grinch: The Grinch holds a crazy Seuss knife and fork in anticipation. This is the last Grinch sculpture at the display.

The Grinch: The Grinch happily sits ready to feast with a Who.

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“The End”: A Wreath signals the end of the Grinch’s story, but there’s more to come.

Large Angel: After the Grinch scenes, there’s the usual impressive Nativity scene. The large angel stands across from the manger scene.

Livestock: Cattle, sheep, and goats help complete the manger scene.

Shepherd: There are a couple of sculptures off to the side of the main scene. One of them is this shepherd and sheep.

Wiseman: A Wiseman approaches with gifts for the infant king.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: The holy family sits centerstage amidst a changing cycle of lighting and an audio track.

Done for the night: Some of the team from Harbin cover the sculptures with plastic to preserve them overnight.

Merry Christmas sign: Rather than “Happy Holidays,” the Gaylord events unabashedly celebrate Christmas.

The video below is related to the Opryland Grinch display.
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