2007 Gaylord Opryland ICE! (part 1)

an ice sculpture of the heartless Grinch sneaking into houses through the chimney
The still heartless Grinch sneaks into Who houses through their chimneys.
This year (2007-2008), apparently for the first time, the Gaylord Opryland ICE! display tells Dr. Seuss’ story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” These photos were taken a few days before the display closed for the year.

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Entry sign: The sign sets the stage as the first ice visitors see.

Entry igloo: Visitors stand in front of the entry igloo that leads to the rest of the display. Parkas are provided to guard against the single digit temperatures.

First Who: Dr. Seuss’ friendly Whos inhabit Whoville. In this case, the eyes, arms, and “hair” are attached props, but the rest is ice.

ICE! sign: The first of many Grinch sculptures peers over the ICE! logo sign atop the igloo.

Igloo Grinch: Inside the igloo, a large Grinch ignores passing visitors.

Igloo Grinch: Clear ice between his thin legs helps support his weight. Ice also supports his extended left hand. These tricks are used throughout the display.

Whoville gateway: After you pass through the yellow ice arch, there are Whos all over the place!

Who house: Several small, but nicely carved Who houses line a wall before the entrance arch to Whoville.

Because there are so many photos from this event, it’s been broken up into two parts. To go to the second part, click here. The sculptures were carved by a team of ice artists from Harbin, China.

Who shenanigans: Whos are all over in a large display. Many props are used, both as part of the Whos and items the Whos are holding.

Grinch bust: This larger than life bust of the Grinch was a very popular photo opportunity.

Slide room: The Slide Room has long ice slides for the kids. It also has many scenes of the Grinch stealing presents and food.

Grinch with Max: The Grinch’s faithful dog Max pulls the sled. Note the clear ice supporting his Max’s head.

Slide: Visitors wait for the kids to come down one of the long slides.

Chimney Grinch: The Grinch starts down the chimney to get some toys from the Whos.

Fireplace Grinch: The Grinch emerges from the fireplace in a Who home.

Sleeping Whos: Whos sleep obliviously in their bed while the Grinch steals their Christmas.

Crazy Christmas tree: Crazy Seuss Christmas trees are found all over the display.

Not even the fridge is spared: The Grinch is after more than just the presents. Christmas dinner is on his list too.

Grinch and Max: The Grinch and Max struggle with the overloaded sleigh. This portion is at the top of the slides and the sleigh is not made from ice.

Fireplace closeup: The heartless Grinch takes everything, even the smallest stockings.

Top of the Slideroom: A view from the top of the stairs. On either side, visitors can take a slide ride.

Slide maintenance sign: Apparently, not even ice slides are open all the time...

Slideroom exit: Here’s a good point to end part one of this photo gallery...

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