ice sculpting medal winners at the 2002 Olympic Arts Festival

Photos by Louis Manzoni

at work on the Silver Medal ice sculpture "Hymn of Amphitrite"
Silver: at work on the innovative "Hymn of Amphitrite"
Here are the medal winners from the 2002 Olympic Arts ice sculpting competition in their own gallery.

Louis Manzoni did a great job getting lots of great pics from this important ice sculpting event.

“Harmony” by Antonio Young & Kevin Gregory
Bronze medal
(USA; site 30)

at work on “Hymn of Amphitrite”

“Hymn of Amphitrite” by Michel Amann & Patrick Roger de Campagnolle; Silver medal
(France; site 27)

a few of the many spheres cut for “Hymn of Amphitrite”

“The Sound of Paradise” by Vivat Hongpong & Art Hongpong;
Gold medal
(Thailand; site 18)

Michel Amann uses a specialized lathe to cut a sphere for “Hymn of Amphitrite”

the opposite side of “The Sound of Paradise” (it matches the maquette view in the next photo)

Vivat Hongpong at work on “The Sound of Paradise”

the maquette for “The Sound of Paradise”

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