1993 National Championships (part 2)

ice sculpture by Dean Carlson
elegant ice sculpture of a winged figure by Dean Carlson
This is part 2 of my gallery of photos from the 1993 National Ice Carving Championships. (See part one of the gallery here.) Sadly at this event, carver Jun Medina suffered a stroke soon after he finished carving on the first day. He never really recovered from it and I believe he died later in the year. I really wish that I'd had a chance to meet him; he was certainly one of the most talented ice sculptors in the country at the time.

Scott Luikart's single block carving

Scott Luikart's abstract double block ice sculpture

Kevin McDonald's large wintery face ice sculpture from two blocks

Kevin McDonald's single block piece

Medina's single block ice sculpture, apparently titled "War Dancer"

Dan Rebholz's single block ice carving, titled "Attack"

Steve Rose's single block carving

Steve Rose's double block ice sculpture from day one.

I’ve tried to get the names right, but the info may be wrong or incomplete in a couple of cases. If you were at this event or know any of the carvers and have more info (or even photos!), any help would be much appreciated! Also, there are only a few instances where I have the titles of the sculptures. I discarded a number of photos from this event that were just bad. I didn’t know much about photographing ice sculptures at the time. The ones you see are the ones that were passable or that I was able to sort of salvage with Photoshop (especially Jeff Bleier’s single block dragon and wizard piece pictured in part 1; it was a neat sculpture and I ruined the photo somehow, probably by breathing out while I snapped the photo.)

Randy Rupert's 2 block piece

Gene Shea's single block sculpture, apparently titled "Valentine." (a reference to the recent Gulf War)

a skier ice sculpture employing an unusual perspective

Jerome Shea's single block ice carving, titled "Dangerous Waters"

This was also back when cameras mainly still used film and if you took more photos, it cost you more money to develop them all. So I would only occasionally take multiple photos of a carving. (In contrast, these days I might take ten or more photos of a particular sculpture, just to make sure I get a shot that I like.) The overall lack of photos from the older ice sculpture events is really a shame, because, like at this event, there have been many many truly amazing ice sculptures that have all but been forgotten because nobody got a good photo!

Yin and Yang below fighting figures piece

been there, done that,
got the t-shirt!

This is the second part of this gallery; there are 16 more photos in part 1 of the '93 National Championships gallery. Also, be sure to visit the blog entry that talks more about this event. If you know something that I don’t know about this event, please leave a comment on one of the photo galleries or on the blog entry so I can make these pages better. Thanks!

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