1993 National Championships (part 1)

eagle dancer ice sculpture by Dawson List
for my first ice sculpture at a major competition, I went with an eagle dancer
These are photos from my first major ice sculpting event and my first National Ice Carving Championships. Nationals in 1993 were held in Youngstown, Ohio. It was only my second national level ice competition, so I was a bit out of my depth. I qualified for the Nationals by earning a bronze medal at a late-in-the-year event in Appleton, Wisconsin the year before.

one of Dean Carlson's entries at the Championships

Aladdin ice sculpture featuring a scimitar and a magic carpet

Jeff Bleier's two block ice sculpture

Jeff Bleier's single block ice sculpture, titled "Wizard's Crossing" (it’s a very bad photo; tried to fix it)

Mark Daukas' two block silver medal ice sculpture titled "Bearer of the Heavens"

Titled "Harmony," this ice sculpture earned Mark Daukas a gold medal and his 3rd straight sanctioned National Championship.

Here's a backside view of "Harmony." Note the carefully tailored silhouette and the delicate support structure of the sculpture.

Here's a third view of "Harmony." Although difficult to see, the sculpture features an almost impossibly delicate ice harp, cradled in the angel's left arm.

Mark Daukas won the event, earning his third straight NICA National Ice Carving Championship. Nationals is usually a two day event. In this case, the carvers did two block sculptures on day one and single block sculptures on day two. On the first day, Mark carved a version of Atlas holding up the world. The ice sculpture was highly unusual in that Mark used dry ice and molds to create a white ice representation of the earth that sat upon Atlas' shoulders. He earned a silver medal for that sculpture. Steve Rose also did well on the first day with a figure standing atop an engraved diamond with flanking eagles.

one of Aaron Costic's entries

an abstract faces ice sculpture

Naomi Hamamura's single block ice carving

one of Joe Hakim's ice sculptures

As I recall, the scores from the first day were fairly tight. Daukas had only earned a silver with his Atlas piece, which was a bit controversial because of the molded white ice. On the second day, however, he left no doubt. He sculpted one of his most famous ice sculptures, an angel holding a delicate harp and titled "Harmony." It earned Daukas a gold medal and another National Championship!

Lakatosh's two block carving

Lakatosh's single block ice sculpture

Dawson List's two block eagle dancer ice sculpture

Dawson List's (me) single block griffin ice sculpture

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