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At first blush, you wouldn't think people would really like places made of ice. But they DO, as long as it's just for a little while. Here's a listing of frozen places around the globe. As a carryover from the old site, it's currently incomplete, inaccurate and probably some other "in" words. But until I decide what to do with it, it's what we've got. You can also ignore the little "∆" symbols too. They used to mean "green" or "not green," but I'm undecided about that continuing as well.
“It’s an ice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.” Lucky for you, you don’t have to! In fact, at some of these places, they may only let you stay in for 30 minutes at a time and they let you borrow a parka and gloves. This is a listing of some of the ice places around the world and their apparently current (August 2008) freezing status. Many of these places (especially ice hotels and ice attractions) are seasonal and will melt and refreeze. Some melt permanently and never refreeze. Often ticket sales rather than the weather accounts for premature melting or no refreezing. Unlike almost all ice hotels, most ice bars and lounges are built within refrigerated buildings.

Of course, if you plan to visit one of these places, make sure to check with the venue first (DO NOT rely on this list!; currently (August 2009) it’s a little out of date) After all, they CAN melt before you get there! Find another one? Build a luxurious snow fort in your back yard? email

ice hotels and similar ice accommodations

ICEHOTEL (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)-melted (refreezing for 2008-9)-photos on this site ∆∆∆∆
Hôtel de Glace (Quebec, Canada)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
Aurora Ice Museum (Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska, U.S.)-frozen-photos on this site ∆∆∆∆*
Ice Hotel Balea Lac (Transylvania, Romania)-melted (refreezing for 2009?)
Alta Igloo Hotel (Alta, Norway)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
Bjorli Ice Lodge (Bjorli, Norway)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
Hunderfossen Ice Hotel (Lillehammer, Norway)-freezing for 2009
Kirkenes Snow Hotel (Kirkenes, Norway)-melted (refreezing?)
Kemi Snow castle (Kemi, Finland)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
Lainio Snow Village (Ylläsjärvi, Finland)-melted (refreezing for 2008)
Kakslauttanen Cabins & Igloos (igloos; Ivalo, Finland)-melted (refreezing for 2008)
Snowland (has a few sleeping igloos; Rovaniemi, Finland)-melted (refreezing?)
Iglu-Dorf (igloos in Switzerland and Germany)-melted (refreezing 2008)
Igloo Village Ice Hotel (Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (zoom out))-melted?
Tomamu Ice Hotel (for only one couple; Tomamu Alpha Resort, Japan)-melted (refreezing?)
Andorra Ice Hotel (rumored-freezing for 2009?)

ice churches and chapels

ICEHOTEL (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)-melted (refreezing for 2008-9)-photos on this site ∆∆∆∆
Hôtel de Glace (Quebec, Canada)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
Ice Hotel Balea Lac (Transylvania, Romania)-melted (refreezing for 2009?)
Minus 5 (Las Vegas, NV)-frozen ∆

ice lounges & bars

Aurora Ice Museum (near Fairbanks, AK)-frozen-photos on this site ∆∆∆∆*
The Ice Chamber at the Chambers Hotel (Minneapolis, MN)-freezing? (only open in the winter)
Infuzion Ice Lounge (Richmond, VA)-melted (sort of; closed 8/13) (refreezing?) ∆
Ice Bar Orlando (Orlando, FL)-frozen-photos on this site ∆∆
Minus 5 (Las Vegas, NV)-frozen ∆
Minus 5 (Waikiki, HI)-freezing? ∆
Minus 5 (New York, Miami, & Los Angeles)-freezing soon?

Ice bar at Hôtel de Glace (Quebec, Canada)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
N’Ice Club Mont Tremblant-melted 2006?
Grey Goose Sub Zero (Montreal, Canada)-melted 2006?
Fire and Ice Lounge (formerly ICE Lounge, only open in the winter) (Toronto, Canada)-(refreezing for 2009?)

Minus 5 (Grand Cayman, Caribbean (zoom out))-freezing? ∆

Absolut Ice Bar at ICEHOTEL (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)-melted (refreezing for 2008-9) ∆∆∆∆
Absolut Ice Bar Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden)-frozen ∆∆∆
Absolut Ice Bar Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)-frozen ∆∆
Absolut Ice Bar London (London, U.K.)-frozen ∆∆
Absolut Ice Bar Milano (Milan, Italy)-melted (refreezing?) ∆∆
Ice Kube (Paris, France)-frozen
Imperia Ice Club (Athens, Greece)-frozen-photos on this site
Xtracold Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NL)-frozen
Kaffi Reykjavik Ice Bar (Reykjavik, Iceland (zoom out))-frozen
icebarcelona (Barcelona, Spain)-frozen
Ice Bar at Ice Hotel Balea Lac (Transylvania, Romania)-melted (refreezing for 2009?)
Heineken Ice Bar Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia)-temporary venue-melted April 2008
St. Petersburg Ice Bar (St. Petersburg, Russia)-frozen?
Minus 5 (Viseu, Portugal)-frozen ∆
Arctic Ice Bar (Helsinki, Finland)-frozen
Ice bar at Lainio Snow Village (Ylläsjärvi, Finland)-melted (refreezing for 2008)
Kakslauttanen Cabins & Igloos (igloos; Ivalo, Finland)-melted (refreezing for 2008)
Snowland Restaurant (Rovaniemi, Finland)-melted (refreezing?)

Ice Space Eilat (Eilat, Israel)-frozen
Icebar Sub-Zero (Seoul, South Korea)-frozen
Bar Ice Samui (Koh Samui, Thailand)-frozen ∆
Binjiang One (Shanghai, China)-frozen?
Absolut Ice Bar Shanghai (Shanghai, China)-melted January 2008 ∆∆
Taste of Scandanavia (Shanghai, China)-melted
Absolut Ice Bar Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)-frozen ∆∆
Tomamu Ice Bar (Tomamu Alpha Resort, Japan)-melted (refreezing for 2009)
Chillout Lounge (Dubai, U.A.E.)-frozen ∆
Manila Ice Bar (Manila, Philippines)-melted?

Australia & New Zealand
Minus 5 (Gold Coast, Australia)-frozen
Minus 5 (Sydney, Australia)-frozen
Minus 5 (Auckland, NZ)-frozen
Minus 5 (Queenstown, NZ)-frozen
South America
El Ice Bar Antarctic (Viña del Mar, Chile)-frozen?
Ice Espacio (São Paulo, Brazil)-frozen?

Cruise ships
Norweigian Cruise Lines Ice Bar-freezing (for 2010) ∆

other large scale ice attractions

(some of these were one time events that will never “refreeze”)

North America
World Ice Art Championships (Fairbanks, AK)-melted (refreezing for 2009) photos on this site ∆∆∆∆
Gaylord Opryland ICE! (Nashville, TN)-melted (refreezing 2009) 11/30/09 - 1/?/10-photos on this site ∆1/2
Gaylord Palms ICE! (Kissimmee, FL)-melted (refreezing 2009) 11/09 - 1/10-photos on this site ∆1/2
Gaylord Texan ICE! (Grapevine, TX)-melted (refreezing 2009) 11/12/09 - 1/?/10-photos on this site ∆1/2
Nine Below Zero (Ontario, Canada)-never opened as planned ∆∆

Russian Ice Gallery (site translated from Russian to English) (Moscow, Russia)-frozen
Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival (Bruges, Belgium)-melted (refreezing for 2008) 11/21/08 - 1/1109 ∆∆
Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival (Eindhoven, NL)-melted (refreezing 2008)
Ice World (Lübeck, Germany)-melted (refreezing 2008?)
“On Ice Berlin” (Berlin, Germany)-melted (refreezing 2008?)
“On Ice Madrid” (Madrid, Spain)-melted (refreezing 2008?)
“On Ice Asturias” (Oviedo, Spain)-melted 2007
Ice and Snow Festival (Hamburg, Germany)-melted 2006
Ice and Snow Festival (Oberhausen, Germany)-melted 2006
Ice and Snow Festival (Antwerp, Belgium)-melted 2005
IceSpace London (London, U.K)-melted summer 2006-photos on this site ∆
“Cold Wave over Nice” (Nice, France)-melted summer 2001

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival (Harbin, China)-melted 2008 (refreezing for 2009) January 2009 ∆∆∆∆
Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo, Japan)-melted 2008 (refreezing for 2009) 2/5/09 - 2/11/09

Ice Lounge Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa)-melted 2007-photos on this site ∆1/2 (some of the ice was local, but most was Canadian)

* The Aurora Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs Resort is open year round, even through Alaska’s near 24 hours of sunlight summers. So how could it get ∆∆∆∆, the highest green rating? The ice museum’s refrigeration is powered by geothermal energy using a revolutionary and possibly unique system. This setup makes it’s refrigeration “natural,” although not in the usual way.
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