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Below, you’ll find a variety of ice carving or sculpture related links. Also, on this site, there are some sources for general ice and ice carving information as well as ice trivia:

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    the most comprehensive source for all sorts of ice carving equipment
  • ice sculptures for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast
  • the industry standard for machines that make crystal clear ice carving blocks
  • a Florida-based source for cnc-cut ice as well as ice bowls & blocks, including oversized “monster” ice blocks
  • Buffet Enhancements produces elegant ice display equipment as well as the new ClearBLOCK ice block machine
  • world champion ice sculptors Steve & Heather Brice, with photos and class info (AK)
  • ice carving instruction by Paul Germain (CA)
  • the four Gaylord properties each feature elaborate refrigerated holiday ice sculpture displays that are created by carvers from Harbin, China
  • world and three-time national ice sculpting champion Mark Daukas
  • fantastic quality ice art photography from Alaska photographer Patrick J. Endres (search “ice sculpture”)
  • amazing 360 degree panoramic photos by Ed S. Fink with photos of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace (search "ice palace")
  • the world's first ice sculpture photographer (Wilson Bentley was the first to photograph snowflakes, which are, in a sense, tiny natural ice sculptures that fall from the sky!)
  • Not-for-profit volunteer organization that puts on one of the world's premier ice sculpting events in Fairbanks: the World Ice Art Championships
  • about an hour from Fairbanks, Alaska, Chena Hot Springs features the Aurora Ice Museum, a unique ice attraction kept on ice year-round by an innovative cooling system powered by geothermal energy
  • an internet gallery of ice art that explores various ice events and artwork
  • diamond coated chainsaw chain sharpeners
  • surprisingly controversial snow art; judge for yourself
  • a somewhat random but always interesting listing of various ice and snow links
  • the self-proclaimed “office for all things ice”
  • The print magazine produced by Wedding Style frequently features impressive ice pieces done for weddings
  • a very interesting site that has a ton of info about vintage ice tools
  • another interesting site that also has a lot of info about vintage ice tools
  • the YouTube channel for ice carving secrets
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