ice carving secrets: ice blocks


ice blocks

    Ice blocks can, of course, be almost any size. However, most ice carvers use standard sizes, most around 300 lbs. The most common of the standard sizes in the U.S. is the Clinebell block, measuring 40”x20”x10”. The last measurement, the thickness of the block (about 9 3/4-10”), varies the most. Blocks can be thinner or thicker (up to about 13”) depending on how long the ice was allowed to freeze and whether or not the block was trimmed after it was removed from the freezing tank.

    “Single block design” means the design requires one 300 lb. Clinebell block of ice to complete it. Can-type blocks of similar size can be used as well, although some adjustments to the ice or the design may be required.

    “Multiple block design” means that more than one block of ice must be used and that the blocks must be combined to complete the design.