design usage guidelines

These are the rules that govern the use of the ice sculpture designs on this site. Visitors to this site are granted a limited license to use specific artwork from this site to produce ice sculptures. Usage of the designs requires that these guidelines are followed. Any other use of the artwork on this site requires special permission. If you use artwork from this site, you indicate acceptance of these guidelines.

Ice carving secrets and ebooks from ice carving secrets are intended as educational resources for those interested in learning the art of ice sculpting. They are not really intended as time-savers for established ice sculpture companies. Therefore, with that in mind, all designs are intended for the use of individual carvers and therefore artwork is to be used as the basis for producing hand-carved ice sculptures only (including use of hand power tools.), except as noted below.

Artwork is not licensed for use with any medium other than ice. Additional permission is required for other uses.

Artwork is not to be used as the basis for CNC or other automated ice sculpture production methods without permission. However, permission will automatically be granted if a link to is added to the website of the company utilizing the artwork. This requirement will follow any distribution of the resulting CNC file: to stay in compliance with the design usage guidelines, other companies, organizations, or individuals that use the adapted design need to include a link to ice carving secrets on their respective website(s). Links must be functional and cannot incorporate a Google "nofollow" attribute.

Artwork is not to be used as the basis for ice sculpture molds.

Artwork may be used on a limited basis (less than 25 copies) in sales catalogs, brochures, or proposals for the purpose of selling ice sculptures. Use in a larger number of copies requires additional permission. Sales literature may be printed or distributed on electronic media. Artwork is not licensed for inclusion on websites without special permission.

Artwork may be used as the basis for templates for the production of ice sculptures. However, these templates may not be sold.
Artwork and text may be reprinted and distributed as part of instructional materials for classes designed to teach ice carving. The source:, is to be referenced in this case.
Artwork may not be republished except as noted above without additional permission. Dawson List retains all copyrights to artwork.

Finally, if you use one of the designs and you’re happy with the results, please email a picture of your work and maybe it will be added to ice carving secrets! Include your name and a note giving your authorization to add your picture to this site. Thanks!
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