get a free ice carving secrets t-shirt!

Here's how to get your free ice carving secrets t-shirt:
Submit a high quality* photo of your version of one of the ice sculpture designs currently posted on THAT ASK FOR A PHOTO SUBMISSION. There are more than 20 eligible designs right now, so there's a healthy number to choose from if you haven't done the carving yet. (Many more will be added in the future as well, so check back.) If you have done the sculpture already, pick your best photo and email it to ice carving secrets. (Please include your shipping address too!) Here's the t-shirt you can get right now: the ICEMAN COMETH & GOETH. (The t-shirt design will likely change from time to time in the future.)
ICEMAN cometh & goeth t-shirt from ice carving secrets

Currently, it's size XL only, but that will change in the future too (usually, it will be L or XL unless there are requests for other sizes).

*Your high quality photo must clearly show the ice sculpture as the main, or one of the main subjects in the photo. You must have been the sculptor, or at least have done most of the work. Photos cannot be blurry or ridiculously crooked and must be decently lit. If you or anyone else is in the photo, everybody pictured must give permission for their likeness to be posted on ice carving secrets. The emailed photo must be in .jpg, tiff, or .png format. You are submitting your photo for consideration and all rights are reserved as to whether or not the photo is posted. Basically, if you send a bad photo, it might not make it. It's also possible that you'd get the t-shirt, but not see your picture posted. We also reserve the right to make reasonable alterations to submitted photos, such as cropping, rotation, minor enhancements, & logo blurring or removal.

If more than one person submits a photo for the same eligible design at about the same time, the higher quality photo will generally be chosen for posting and to earn a shirt. Depending on the circumstances, the other submission may not earn a shirt. An eligible design may not be an eligible design for very long. Also, you can get more than one t-shirt if you submit more than one photo, but you can only get one of a single t-shirt design. For example, if you get an ICEMAN COMETH/GOETH shirt, you'd have to wait until the next design to get another shirt, even if you've submitted multiple designs. In that case, you might still see all your photos posted. This is a judgement call, and you're not the one that gets to make the call. But you are the one that gets a free shirt for a little effort. ice carving secrets will take care of the postage when sending out free shirts within the U.S. To send outside the U.S., there will likely be a shipping charge. Allow at least two weeks to get your shirt once you see your photo posted. All of these conditions are subject to change at any time without notice (including the t-shirt design).

A couple of people will be getting t-shirts already, so look for their submissions on the design pages and in the visitors' gallery, which will be reposted soon. Want a shirt without submitting a photo? This design might be available for sale if we get enough demand; stay tuned.
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