special ice sculpture design pages

This is a listing of all the "enhanced" designs so far added to icecarvingsecrets.net. In this listing, you can use your mouse to hover over the link to get a quick look at the sculpture design. Hovering over the design link often also will tell you a little more about the sculpture design. Click the link to go to the full page, which is a specialized design page, different from the way designs are presented in the secrets blog. The basic idea is that eventually all the design listings on ice carving secrets will be like this, but it will take some time for that to happen, if ever.
The links above all point to the enhanced sculpture design pages. On occasion, you'll find designs in the secrets blog that haven't yet made it to this page. To get a listing of all (or almost all; a few of the designs above never got a blog entry) the designs currently in the blog, click here.
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