about ice carving secrets

My name is Dawson List. I'm a professional ice sculptor and I've been sculpting ice for over 20 years. I started ice carving secrets back in 2007, partly because I was seeking a way to expand my role in the ice sculpting world after we left New Orleans in late August 2005 in the wake of that little thunderstorm. But I also started it because I just wanted to share what I knew and tell people that wanted to know how to use various ice sculpting techniques. And a website was a natural fit, as I'd been building them for myself and others for quite a while, including the original website for the National Ice Carving Association.

The bulk of the information on ice carving secrets is in the secrets blog. You can look through the blog, use the sitemap to get to entries, use the search option to find exactly what you want, or browse categories, years, or tags with the tag cloud in the blog sidebar. Many of the entries in the secrets blog focus on various ice sculpture designs.

ice carving secrets also has photo galleries featuring top ice sculptors, ice sculpting events, carving sequences, and more.
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